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HoloData is a Virtual Reality Visualization tool that allows you to view Three Axis Graph data over time, letting you scroll through the time indices to see the 3d graph change before you, providing insights into the trends of your chosen data.

This project was created as our entry into leap-motion's VR 3djam, The program comes loaded with a set data-set and serves as a prototype of what could be pulled down from the internet in real-time, we sincerely hope it is sufficient to fire your imagination at the possibilities of viewing your graphable data in 3d VR

The Data sets loaded into the system by default is aggregate financial data based on Australia or New Zealand. The data is provided by Data Scientists from Queensland University of Technology

Install instructions

Download the .zip file

Extract the .zip file to your chosen directory.

Ensure your Oculus Rift and Leap-motion device are working correctly.

Run the .exe

Enjoy the mental stimulation of seeing the 3d graph data!

Keyboard Shortcuts:

R to Reset tracking
Esc to Quit


HoloData_Rift_29.zip 274 MB


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At least! one App that works on Oculus Runtime 0.8!!!

We try to develop for the latest runtimes